server lag so bad!

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server lag so bad!

Post  imrano1210 on Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:51 am

why server like this??
dunt blame my computer.
and dont be angry with me.
at night or noon - evening.
i play at avex with ping 125+..
and its not my isp problem.
coz at other server ping so nice!
and one thing.
last week if im not wrong.
while im playing in avex with ping 100+.
sudenly it say.
reliable server overflow!
and after that i join and wowzer!
ping is godlike.
just like in other server.
it was below 20.
i wonder if u can do the reliable server overflow like 1 times a day??
or restart the server or somthing.
coz that solve many people's ping problem.



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